Sustainable practices

Putting children first means to think about their future. Our planet is what we leave behind, so we want to be as friendly to it as possible. Our job is to create garments with the highest quality to ensure longevity in the most responsible way, and to find ways to make children – and their parents – appreciate the garments they use. We're happy to see that more and more options to be truly sustainable are becoming accessible. Every day our team works hard to find new opportunities and improve what we already do.

elevating slow fashion


We love quality and we love minimalism. In a simple, but perfect fitting T-shirt or Hoodie a child’s purity emerges best. We also don’t care much for trends. That’s why we create timeless essentials from durable materials that never become outdated. No fast-fashion, just comfortable designs that are here for the long run.

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Each Gray Label item carries the GOTS certification label. This means that our organic cotton is grown without toxic chemicals and genetically modified seeds. On top of that the people who make our items are being treated as humans should be treated. Children are not allowed to work and adults get fair wages, without being discriminated or forced into employment.

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We believe that producing quality pays on many levels. That's why we spent a lot of time finding the best and trustworthy factory partners. Our garments are regionally made by GOTS certified production units in Portugal and Turkey – these are the good guys. They share and follow our sustainable vision by continuously reducing their carbon footprint and providing their employees with a fair, healthy and respectful working environment. We also work with other brands or initiatives, as long as their practices align with our sustainable and social goals. Whether they produce locally, with natural materials or with an extraordinary vision of any kind – together we create from the heart.



Never change a winning team – we always use the same organic cotton fleece, jersey and rib qualities in largely the same colours, treated to continuously provide our standard of ultimate softness, comfort and durability. Organic cotton is an ecologically responsible fibre. Unlike conventional cotton it is never genetically modified and does not use any highly polluting agro-chemicals such as those found in pesticides, herbicides and many fertilizers. And because we use the same fabrics and repeat the majority of our colour palette season after season, we avoid creating useless stocks and waste.



Our mission is thoughtful consumption. We’re encouraging parents to buy items of high quality that can be used and re-loved over multiple lifecycles. That’s why we’ve launched Gray Label RNTD – our membership service matching the growth of babies and toddlers up to 2 years. Clothes made from 100% organic cotton. Clothes in perfect condition are passed on to new families. Clothes we can no longer reuse are recycled. It's a new way of dressing that costs less and reduces waste. We want to convince lots of parents to enjoy the benefits. Together with them, we can make great difference.

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Educating while entertaining

Children's picture book

Children often don’t know that a tee or pants takes a long journey before it reaches the closet. From this idea we’ve created a minimalistic picture book for children from three years old, showing that journey and that it is good to cherish and reuse things. The beautifully illustrated story tells about the adventures of the little cotton boll Cotton, on his way to find a friend who will love him forever.

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