What about

What about

Once in a while we have a little chat with someone (or some more) with a special job, an inspiring life, a remarkable character or an out of the box vision. This time we spoke with Claire, parent of Miles & Dean.

What about them?

Name: Claire van den Heuvel, Age: 38 Child: Miles & Dean de Groot (twins), Age: 5 Business: Bluebelle Foodworks & Easy Peasy Kids (author of the bestselling education & cookbooks: ‘easy peasy’ & ‘easy peasy family’)

Source: Easy Peasy Family, Fotograaf: Jeroen van der Spek.
What’s your best parenting moment?

I have 2. One ‘big’ and one ‘small’ moment (but in a way just as big…). My biggest parenting moment was during our last holiday to the USA. Giving my boys the opportunity to visit their roots and meet their biological mom & family.

Despite my own fears and emotions I knew I had to make room in my heart to let them ‘explore’ who they are and where they came from and, at the same time be their safe ground and baseline. The other ‘best parenting moment’ is something I try to remember & do EVERY single day. It’s really look at my boys. Trying to grasp and see who they are and nurture that. So they can hopefully grow up being who they are and staying that way.


And your worst?

My worst? Do you have a minute? My boys are strong-willed so it’s always the challenge to resist the temptation to tame the spirit out of them for my own convenience. So, yelling they need to stop yelling? Guilty. Buying headphones for the ipads? Yep. Throwing out their Halloween candy and lie about it? I admit.


What / who brings the fun?

Music brings the fun. Music, rhythm & soul it’s in the DNA of my boys more than in mine. Michael Jackson 3.0. We connect through music and it definitely brings in the fun & light.


Your sons are

the most sparkling & special 2 creators I know.

Source: Claire herself, and all are wearing the Family Sweater!
Your big dream is

to nurture freedom for all kids (& parents). The Easy Peasy way. I know it sounds really vague. But watch me and I will show you these coming years ;-).

What’s the story your baby should not hear when he/she is a teenager?

I know I should write down a horribly funny story about me slamming tequila or running away with that one boy your parents do not approve of. But I just didn’t do that. Not really. So I guess there are no stories to hide.

What advice do you wish to pass on?

Try to nourish and nurture the true spirit of your child(ren). Really see who they are, what drives them and go from there. Feed them well.

What products do you use: skincare, shampoo, etc?

I am a huge fan of essential oils. I use them every day for myself AND my kids. I even made my very own bodycream with a touch of ‘stress away’. ‘joy’ and ‘lavender’. Furthermore: Sensai and whatever they sell at skins.

Do you have rituals, like before going to bed?

For my kids we always play the game: what did you like best about today? What didn’t you like? And what was most funny? Also they get a drop of cedarwood essential oil on their forehead to easily fall a sleep and if needed (if they are sick or had a lot of impressions during the day) I put a diffuser on with a blend of relaxing oils. For myself: I try to / should meditate or do stress relief yoga before going to bed. I am getting better at it, however more than often I am on my computer working or I get caught up watching Netflix….

What do you absolutely avoid?

To much sugar, chemicals

What does the internet mean to your family?

Inspiration, music and connection.

What’s the best of Amsterdam? Or the city you live in?

I lived in Amsterdam for 8 years and still love to go there frequently. The energy is just different from all other places I know. However me and my family now live in Haarlem. The absolute best is the blessing of the sea near by. Every season – not only summer – our favorite place to go.

Any advise for parents starting up their own businesses?

Loose the guilt and keep the faith. Sometimes you won’t be able to go as fast as you would like building your business. Because your family and especially your kids need your presence. Sometimes the family will have to solve little or bigger troubles without you, because your business needs your focus. And they all will be ok. Your business and your family.