What about

What about

Once in a while we have a little chat with someone (or some ones) with a special job, an inspiring life, a remarkable character or an out of the box vision.

This time we spoke with Claire and Wichard, parents of Julie. (And you must recognize something...

One of the coolest families is wearing our the Gray Label Family Sweater in Grey Melange) Gray Label_Journal_Wichard

What about them?
Name: Wichard & Claire Slootheer (Age 32 & 29)
Child: Julie (Age 3)
Business: Country Manager Benelux Won Hundred, Co-owner Iconic Studios & half of DJ duo Cat Carpenters

Gray Label_Journal_Claire

What’s your best parenting moment?

Very cliché maybe: but we learn everyday about parenthood!

And your worst?

Can’t even tell you how many!

What / who brings the fun?

Julie. She dances, dresses, sings and performs for us daily.

Your daughter is… Just the very sweetest

Your big dream is… We want to stay happy and healthy until we are very old!


What’s the story your baby should not hear when he/she is a teenager?

One day we will tell her not to come home late, not to drink too much and not to walk alone on the streets by night. And we will not tell her that we did all that, naturally.

What advice do you wish to pass on?

Be honest and keep smiling. Honour what you have and appreciate the little things in life.

Do you have rituals, like before going to bed?

We always read two stories while we both lay besides her for a bit.

What products do you use: skincare, shampoo, etc?

Everything from Kiehl’s

What do you absolutely avoid?

Grumpy people!

What does the internet mean to your family?

A lot!! We buy Disney films via Itunes, we download music and of course webshop a lot :)

What’s the best of Amsterdam?

The people, the terraces, the canals, ‘t Amstelveldje, Nursery De Kleinste Reus, the Utrechtsestraat, the Tromp store (cheese!), the Leeuw (pub!) and wow there is so much more!

Any advise for parents starting up their own businesses?

We have been very lucky with our parents. They are here for us, literally every day. If we did not have them, we would never have been able to do what we do now. We’re very thankful for this!