Once in a while we have a little chat with someone with a special job, an inspiring life, a remarkable character or an out of the box vision.
This time we spoke with Annika Jansen, mother of 3.

What about her?

Name: Annika Jansen

Kids: Pelle (7), Mare (6) en Borr (2).
Business: Founder and Owner of Orange Mayonnaise and Freelance Fashion Designer

What’s keeping your head up during Momma-Hood?
3 happy kids and their unconditional love for us, life and each other.

What’s made you (almost) crazy?
My own impatience...
What / who brings the fun?
All 3 in their own way ;
Pelle is a very sportive and energetic little fellow, who loves to explore and try out everything. Like new food for example; love doing that together with him.
Mare is creative and a natural entertainer, just starts singing her own made up songs or doing a silly dance; smiles guaranteed.
Borr is a mummy's boy, love's to cuddle and just be with me. Hope he will do that for the rest of his life; it is so addictive.

What’s the story your baby should not hear when he/she is a teenager?
The story about my teenage years in general and leaving 'home' at the age of 16.
What advice do you wish you had ignored?
Dyeing my hair orange / red once..... I looked like a clown !
What advice do you wish to pass on?
Enjoy life and don't forget to dream.
And when the time is right and you work hard, you will be able to make your dreams into reality.
Any advise for mums starting up their own businesses?
Believe in your self and in your own ideas, without getting distracted or stressed by your people around you and in your own business.

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