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Our first line of Backpacks

Our first line of Backpacks

As you know, we have been designing clothes to dress and since last year bed linen to sleep, but now we’re getting into making cool products for kids to move around with as well.

Children are keen on their independency, often from an early age. They like to carry around their own stuff, just like their friends and siblings do. Whether its toys, lunch boxes, books or drawing pencils: The Gray Label backpack makes sure they can keep their favourite items close.

Gray Label Backpack

 We believe that minimalism and unisex designs emphasise children’s characters, instead of overwhelming them. So the Gray Label Backpacks are print-free, soft-tone coloured and made from strong, 100 % GOTS certified canvas. The simplistic, half-round shaped bag comes in two sizes, fitted to the child’s age. For the younger kids the smaller size feels as spacious as the larger bag feels for the older ones.

Available in Mustard, Nearly Black and Vintage Pink. The prices vary from € 64,- for a toddler bag to € 69,- for a junior pack. Go get them here.

Gray Label Backpack

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