Regina runs a small vintage shop called Oh, Albatross, with little histories and her line of hand made animals.
"It's a small, barefoot life. and i wouldn't have it any other way."
(Regina, South Lyon, Michigan, USA)
Meet the dear ones. Made for little hands and big hearts. Handmade from vintage fabrics and wool stuffing with a hand embroidered face:
Bunny is a whisperer and a giggler and a finder of extraordinary woodland treasures like pine cones and feathers.
A young and gangly sort of puppy who found himself lost after a quick escapade involving a teasing squirrel and long game of chase. He's searching for a new home, as his adventure has led him to the conclusion that curling up in the twigs and leaves is not nearly as comfortable as a soft cushion.
Dapper little donkey bedecked for the spring fair in ribbons and flowers.
Clever young forest fox, just old enough to enjoy a trot through a shadow dappled forest on a cool morning. He's dressed in an uncut corduroy cape to keep of the chill as he searches for a bit of breakfast (luckily, he's an adventurous eater as well as an adventurous explorer and is in fact, hunting for morels).
It's long believed that the albatross carries the souls of lost sailors. An albatross following a sailing vessel gives it protection, as if sailors from the past are watching over the ship and crew. So, old histories are to be found in Regina's little shop on Etsy.
And this is where it is all created, sought and combined.

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