Newyears FAQ

Newyears FAQ

One difficult but frequently asked question around newyears is: so, what are YOU going to do better in the coming year?

Sigh. I never know how to answer.
Yes, I need to go to the gym more. Yes, I need to eat better, yes I need to read more books, facebook less, make more time for cultural events…but who am I kidding. These things have been on my to do list for years...
It's not that I don't want to..but I use most of my time

doing what I truly love: spending time with my family and creating for my brand.

All I hope for is to become better in what I do. I hope I will grow, personally and business wise. How? Well I believe by treating the world how I would like to be treated. Without my loved ones I am nowhere. Without my love for other people I won’t get anywhere. Oh, and by working hard.
So: nothing new, nothing special.
Although I plan to hit a boxing class or two..
You better watch out!
Wish you a good, solid and prosperous year 2014, full of love and laughter.
XXX Emily Gray

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