New Collection is live

New Collection is live

The New Collection for Spring Summer shows a milestone in sustainability.

At Gray Label, children are central to everything we do. We believe children have a primary right to be regarded and respected as the person they are. This means we respect the world they live in, too. When making things, we try to save as much of the world they can. Whether its soil, water or energy. The new collection is called Celebration.

Gray Label was one of the first children brands to take organic production further than just working with organic cotton. In 2017, this led to the GOTS certification label carried inside each Gray Label item, assuring that everything is made following the highest standards of organic and socially responsible production.

Recently, when 2019 started, Gray Label counted to have produced 200.000 Gray Label pieces marked with this label on the inside.

A milestone that calls for a party!

Gray Label SS19 Launch

This new collection is dedicated to the love for the world of children. We share the fun of making sustainability successful with as many people we can.

That’s why Everyone is invited to Gray Label’s seasonal party.

Go dance, laugh and sing with us. Pop, pop, hurray!

Read more about GOTS certified production here.

Gray Label SS19 Launch

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