So we were at Playtime Paris. Very inspiring to exchange ideas with our partners in the field, but also to see the new faces, the new designers and the new creations.

A few really got to us.



Wondering the streets of Le Marais, we found these strollers, fastly driven by parents on the move. We had a closer look at Playtime and wow they are small! One hand folding, unfolding…and on the move.

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Get soaked and be cool! We love this simple and essential rainwear! And you’ll love the rain, for once. Not because the kids look amazing, but also because Gosoaky supports projects of the World Wide Fund for Nature in Antarctic. “Play outside and help a penguin!” says Gosoaky.

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Unclebearskin productions…


Our absolute winning newcomers are these creators of magical children’s books and music. The stories, poetry and music are tinkling your imagination.

You can create the most comforting moment with your child by just using your voice…

“ Sippy and Sunny " { a byron bay adventure }... is the first book in the series about a little girl and her magical dragon.


“ The Owl Outside My Door ”... is a lullaby story for our youngest. There is a soothing rhythm to this book as it comforts our little ones to sleep.

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