I'm in love with the photographs of Davina Zagury, especially with this collection entitled "The Land of Lost Toys". I came across this beautiful collection through the Babyccinokids blog. Davina Zagury explores the memories and stories that toys can possess, and each image has a description of the year and place the toy was found. I Love how a picture of something so old and once well loved can look so modern and minimal.
"Among our deepest memories, where one stores the thoughts of one’s loved ones, where one cherishes one’s possessions, one hides one’s childhood, the childhood of old and lost toys. It happens, we don’t say our last word, we don’t whisper one last secret, and we don’t shed a tear and give a kiss good-bye. They do appear in the course of our lives more than once, in unknown streets, in the old markets, in abandoned backyards. They just stand there with no identity, with no name, with no child. The Land of Lost Toys was created between 2003 – 2007. I was drawn to work on this project when I came across a tricycle on a street in Jafa, Israel. The tricycle brought back memories of my childhood and I wondered about the child who had owned it and lost it, in time. I decided to look for other lost toys. Toys that have an interesting history, hold wonderful stories, and lived in far away places. I was attracted to toys that I sensed had memories worth being cherished, and I wanted to give something back to them."

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