Kids Sandals made by S 'Avam

Kids Sandals made by S 'Avam

Gray Label likes child & planet friendly products that are created from the heart. Therefore we invite other brands with similar values to join the Gray Label Universe. Whether made from raw -or natural materials, whether locally produced or with an extraordinary vision of any kind: these specially curated products bring something for the good. These are Kids Sandals by S'Avam made from chrome-free leather.

Mr. Miquel Mesquida is the owner and head of the family business S’Avam - s’avarca de Menorca.

Please tell us a bit about the brand and why it was founded?

Before the 1970’s, the avarca’s were a type of shoe for the farmers and fishermen of Menorca. They would make them by hand themselves, or order them from a local artisan.

In the 70’s the avarca’s began to be used as summer shoes for urban people as well. So, small workshops could produce more quantities. In his workshop, Pedro Mesquida was one of the first to manufacture the avarca’s for the local market and to send them to stores outside the island. Also he started using different materials and designs from the classic avarca.

Can you tell us a bit about how you produce the kids sandals?
In the workshop of S'Avam-avarca de Menorca, the production process is artisanal. We use small machinery in some especially complicated processes, like sewing and cutting of rubber soles.
What do you wish for the world?
We are specifically committed to a less polluted and healthier world for people. We opted for manufacturing processes and the use of more sustainable materials. And most important: our footwear is long-lasting. The quality is strong and the basic design is timeless, as it has been since the midst of last century.