Baby wearing an organic Gray Label RNTD x Hu Le Kes item

Introducing: Gray Label RNTD x Hul le Kes


Endless lives for tiny garments

Gray Label RNTD joined forces with another sustainable fashion label from Dutch soil: Hul Le Kes. Together we’re presenting our first fashionable capsule collection of unique pieces in very limited qualities. Giving RNTD left-overs another extra life.


Creating a story again

Our circular concept Gray Label RNTD, in which the Gray Label Miniature collection is offered for rental, already makes it possible for one garment to be worn by several little ones. In this sustainable way, clothing for babies and toddlers is optimally used, which contributes to a reduced impact on the environment. Because it is a shame to discard items that show small stains or tear from wear, fashion designers Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer, both ArtEZ graduated founders of the sustainable brand Hul le Kes, turn them into one-of-a-kind designs. That way Gray Label RNTD x Hul le Kes creates new stories from "old" clothing.


Capsule collection

The "leftovers" of the Gray Label RNTD collection are beautifully mended an hand-dyed with natural materials. The Gray Label RNTD x Hul le Kes capsule collection consists of small editions of unique designs: no item is the same and each item is given a custom tag on which you can read how the item is painted, a process that Hul le Kes carries out with natural materials such as onion peels, madder, orange tree seeds, avocado seeds, red cabbage, elderberry, walnut or coffee grounds. With their designers’ eye and experience, Hul le Kes transforms the Gray Label RNTD items into fashionable collector's items that are not only super comfortable to wear, but also make an ultra-sustainable and socially engaged statement.

Explore the collection here.


Gray Label x Hu Le Kes Organic Baby Collection

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