Home stories with Liza Chloë

Home stories with Liza Chloë

Meet Liza and her charming son Mees (2) in their home in the city centre of Amsterdam. Liza is an interior stylist and a vintage enthusiast, and her work is beautifully reflected in her amazing house. Liza is a fan of Gray Label and has been one of our ambassadors since Mees was born, which is why we are delighted to feature her and Mees in this edition of Home Stories.

Liza Chloe & Mees Home Stories


Please tell us a bit about yourself and your family members? Where did the two of you meet?

Our little family consists of Mees, Dennis, and me. Dennis and I met through an Instagram DM in 2018. It all started when he had a coffee with one of my exes, and in that conversation, my ex mentioned that I might be a good match for him. So, Dennis sent me a DM. We chatted for a few weeks, and then on Kingsday, we coincidentally met on a canal bridge in Amsterdam. We've never been apart since. In May 2020, I found out I was pregnant with Mees, fulfilling one of our biggest dreams.

Home Stories Liza Chloe & Mees

Where do you live and how would you describe your neighbourhood?

We live in city centre Amsterdam, on the canals. It’s always buzzing and packed with small local shops. We love to be in the heart of the buzz, we love that we’re surrounded by the most beautiful setting of the city and that everything is just around the corner.

 Liza Chloe & Mees Home Stories

Favourite neighbourhood place(s)?

My favourite neighbourhood places include Noordermarkt, Amstelveld, Kaaskamer, Bakkerij Wolf, Buffet van Odette, Antiekcentrum Elandsgracht, Screaming Beans, Pompadour, and Bar Parry.

Best spots in the city to find vintage treasures? 

Noordermarkt on Monday mornings and Antiekcentrum Elandsgracht.

Favourite place at home and why?

Our bedroom/bathroom. It’s an open space and it truly feels as if I’m in a hotelroom every night. Not too much decorations, subtle lighting, very spacious.

 Liza Chloe & Mees Home Stories

How would you describe your day-to-day life?

We wake up around 7.30, get ready for the day. While Dennis prepares breakfast for Mees, I put on my make-up. Dennis brings Mees to school along the way to work. I’ll sit down in my office at home, go through all my e-mails. Work on some interior- and Instagram projects. Or I’ll leave the house and drive through the country to visit some of my vintage addresses for some projects. Around 5 I’ll get some groceries and start cooking dinner (or Dennis will). At 6 we all sit down at the dining table, go through the day. After dinner we’ll play, clean up and head to Mees’ room around 7.30. By 8 he’ll be asleep and I’ll read my book or watch a guilty pleasure.

Whats your favourite Gray Label item and why?

Ugh so many! I LOVE the oversized striped tee and dropped shoulder sweater. And I used to love the onesie underwear, but sadly has grown out of it!

Favourite family weekend activity?

We buy groceries at Noordermarkt, followed by a day of cooking in our kitchen with lots of local snacks.

Liza Chloe & Mees Home Stories