Home stories with Fré

Home stories with Fré

Please introduce yourself and your family members?

My name is Frédérique Loevendie (Fré), living together with Maarten whom I met 5 years ago, and mom to Billy (2 years old) and Ted (8 months old). I’m the second child in a family of 5 and love large families and children. We live in Amsterdam Zuid. In a small but cozy apartment on a location we both love. I studied International Business and Languages and moved from a beauty company to children’s fashion at quite a young age, when I wasn’t even thinking of having my own family. Yet I was so much attracted by Gray Label’s easthatic and Emily’s personality and drive to make Gray Label a widely recognized brand that I took the job without any hesitation. I have been at Gray Label for 8 years already in the role of Head of E-commerce.

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What do you like most about your work?

I have worked at Gray Label since 2015 and there has never been a dull moment so far :). The online world changes fast, so there are always things we can learn and improve. We have quite a small team which means the lines are short and everyone's vote counts. And really cool to work for a brand which you love and believe in. Since Billy is born I can experience the clothing myself, which is so nice. He doesn't want to wear anything besides Gray Label, screaming NOT COOL if I try every now and then ;).

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Gray Label in one or a few words?

COOL and comfy. 

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Home Series Twinning Fré

What are you most proud of?

Personally I’m very proud of me and my love. We’ve created two beautiful sons. We’re in the phase where there’s little sleep, lots of caring, washing, organizing. We always make jokes that we run a business together with two young kids. Fortunately humor is one of our keys to keep it relaxed and fun together. 
I’m also very proud of what we’ve achieved with Gray Label the past years. We’ve been growing and growing and together with the team it became such a beautiful & cool brand. 

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What’s your favorite Gray Label item and why?

Can I choose only one? The Dropped Shoulder Sweater is my favourite for my boys (and for us as well). It has a chunky and cool fit. I always get compliments when they wear this sweater. Got them in all colours :)

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Favorite family weekend activities?

We have a few favourite activities :-)

  • On saturday/sunday we have a coffee at our favourite, Schuurmanoomkesgrassoti and after we go to the Cremerplein which is one of the nicest playgrounds in Amsterdam for the smallest kids.
  • Or we take the bike first to get a coffee in our neighbourhood at Nana Coffee House and then we go to the goat farm in the Amsterdam forest.
  • Or we get a coffee at Toki in the Jordaan and we go to the playground at the Herenmarkt with my friends and their kids.

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