Become an architect with CINQPOINTS

Become an architect with CINQPOINTS

Architecture is no longer only for the smartest. Cinqpoints offers a range of products where kids and parents can work with. Just be curious and use your imagination.
You design, you build, you create. You have it in you!

Paper architectural model.
Only white glue, patience and cleanliness are required to assemble this model.
Look, detach, fold and glue.

Creative and intelligent, archiblocks will provide kids and parents for hours and hours of architectural creations. Shape + balance + composition + inspiration = architecture.
Set of 16 blocks.

Word search grid with architects, designers, photographers and artists' names. Gaining knowledge!

Become a very famous architect with these amazing glasses.
It has a postcard-like package with pre-cut pieces.
No glue is required (size when folded 10,5×21 cm).