Paper dolls get an ingenious upgrade with ‘Baboo’ clips by designer Shahaf Ben Abu. Baboo wooden clips project is the final project design of this Israeli industrial designer. These clips can be used to hold children’s drawings and bring them to life.
Children have the ability to create their own dolls and characters. This mobile kit is a great tool in drama therapy sessions as it works as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool. The designer was born in Sderot, a town near Gaza which has been bombed by terrorist organizations since 2002. The tragedy inspired this project to treat the children of Sderot who are suffering from great post-traumatic symptoms for the past few years. The research for this project was done in collaboration with Sderot’s children. Baboo wooden clips can be used as tool to treat children who suffer from trauma, but it can also be used just like a regular game for entertainment. The materials are maple wood, beech wood, and silicone rubber bands.
The story of Baboo Wooden Clips by Shahaf Ben Abu is an original content from: Modern Industrial Design

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