Introducing the Mozart Kugel

Gray Label likes child & planet friendly products that are created from the heart. Therefore we invite other brands with similar values to join the Gray Label Universe. Whether made from raw -or natural materials, whether locally produced or with an extraordinary vision of any kind: these specially curated products bring something for the good. We would like to introduce you with the creators of the Mozart Kugel.

Meet Jörg and Dominik, owners and designers of the brand SIEBENSACHEN.

Mozart Kule

How did SIEBENSACHEN come to life?

We started our brand 15 years ago with a matching game. Just colours on round cards. It was a product we designed in our design office. After we got so many positive feedback – we started it by ourselves.

We were not thinking of starting a brand. We just wanted to share the idea with other people. This was before Instagram and Pinterest, so we had to produce a real object not only images.

What is your favorite piece?

There are so many favourite pieces around. To estimate them we do keep an eye on the context they are in.

For Jörg it’s the Bollard Lamp by MENU designed by Shane Schneck. I am obsessed with tools as these objects are empowering us to change the world. So a simple hammer is a favourite for me. Recyclable, pure and powerful.

What is your aspiration?

To keep things small is a big aspiration. We love to be involved in any part of our small company.

Our business is growing and we are very happy about that. Losing the contact to manufacturers and clients on this successful path would be a big drop.

What do you wish for the world?

The world are we! To understand that fulfils the most important wish for the world, for us and for our children.

The Mozart Kugels is available in our webshop and in our store in Amsterdam.

Mozart Kugel Music Box - Euro 69,55

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Mozart Kule

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