Organic apparel for the little minimalist. Friendly for the planet, the ones creating them and the ones wearing them. GOTS certified.

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We create timeless, minimalistic and comfortable collections in which children can be their true selves. See our essentials


Julie haverkamp

To celebrate the launch of Nurture Perfume in 100ML we give away 100 limited edition artworks made by Dutch artist Julie Haverkamp.

There is a lot going on in artist Julie Haverkamp’s mind. Drawing is her way out. “I paint something the way I want it. That feels like a relief.” Especially to celebrate the launch of the 100ml Nurture edition she made the artwork Hug No.1 by Julie.

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It’s hard to keep up with the growth of the little ones. Before you know it they have outgrown their tiny garments. Gray Label RNTD is our subscription service matching this growth of babies and toddlers up to 2 years. Subscribe and select anything you like. Wear your items without concern until your baby is ready for the next size. Pick, wear, swap, repeat.
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We're in it for the little ones. Their purity, their comfort, their planet.

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