What you may want to know about buying organic clothing for newborns

What you may want to know about buying organic clothing for newborns

The word organic sounds good, doesn’t it? Buying something for your little baby made from organic cotton may say you’re conscious about something, that you care for something that has to do with nature. But what is it exactly, that you’re caring for? And how does it benefit your smallest most important one?


Organic cotton

It starts at the very beginning. The farming of organic cotton does not allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms), which keeps the soil and ecosystem healthy. This way organic farming is less likely to contribute to global warming, acidification, and eutrophication than conventional cotton farming. 

Then, while the organic cotton is harvested and turned into the garments you may buy, the people working in the production process are at least adults (no child-labour) and paid fairly. They make sure there are no harmful residues used in the process and create high-quality garments with the longest durability. 

This way, by the time your little baby may wear the organic cotton suit, onesie or cardigan, the fabric withstands a lot of movement and playing as well as many rounds of washing. It doesn’t irritate the skin and its softness can only make the little one smile. 

P.s. did you know we are a GOTS certified company?


Organic clothing for newborns is the future

Basically, when you choose organic instead of conventional cotton, you’re taking care of the planet, it’s people and above all your tiny baby. Consider it a great opportunity to make a difference. Not only for the moment, but also for the future.