Soft baby clothing: what you may want to know about soft fabrics?

Soft baby clothing: what you may want to know about soft fabrics?

Most of us love soft fabrics. Little ones love them, too. That tender touch against the skin, a feeling of lightness, it’s hard not to smile when this is experienced. But what are the exact benefits of soft baby clothing? What makes our fabrics soft? And what about organic softness, above all?

Benefits of soft baby clothing

Besides providing that utterly comfortable feeling, a soft fabric does not irritate the skin. No itching or red spots, just joyful coziness to snuggle into. Besides, soft fabrics are flexible. Rolling over, lifting the head, crawling, walking, jumping, whatever the body does, its development is not restricted in any way. We consider that a crucial winner.

What makes our fabrics soft?

The longer the cotton fibers are, the better quality of fabric you get. Our fabrics are made of long-fiber, knitted and 100% organic cotton. Due to the knit construction, it has a natural stretch in itself. And especially for the babies we combine 95% organic cotton with 5% elastane. As their skin is the most sensitive, the elastane adds some extra fluffiness. 

On top of this, all our fabrics are brushed on the in- and outside. This ensures an incredible softness, especially when it touches the body of the child. Our fabrics remain soft after washing and can be used for a long time.

Which ones are organic?

All our cotton fabrics are made of organic, GOTS certified, yarns. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a sound and credible standard, according to numerous international and national organizations. It ensures the integrity of the product from farming, post-harvest handling up to sewing, packing and labelling. Basically, this means that an item marked as GOTS is made free of toxic chemicals or GMO's, unfair labor and single used plastic.  


our soft baby clothing is GOTS certified


Reason enough to double check if the clothing is GOTS certified. But how can you be sure? Simply look for it on labels or packaging materials. We’re proud to be a GOTS certified company, so we show the logo in plain sight.

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