What about

What about

Once in a while we have a little chat with someone with a special job, an inspiring life, a remarkable character or an out of the box vision.

This time we spoke with Tess van Daelen (30) parent of Yasmine (2).

What about them? Name: Tess van Daelen Age: 30 Child: Yasmine Bachri Age: 2 Business: freelance fashion journalist (photo by daddy ;-))

What’s your best parenting moment? Yasmine and me often have our little creative sessions. I’m pretty good at drawing princesses you know…

And your worst? I just can’t deal with toddler tantrums. If we go somewhere fun and Yasmine starts raging (fake crying, throwing herself onto the floor) we just go straight home. No matter where we are. I don’t yell, I don’t argue. That’s when the fun ends, immediately.

What / who brings the fun? We goof around all day. While having breakfast, getting dressed, cycling to childcare, grocery shopping. Yasmine and me, we don’t take things too seriously.

Your daughter is… A little lady who doesn’t like to get her hands (or clothes for that matter) dirty, whose world evolves around princesses and beautiful pink colored dresses. It doesn’t get more girlygirl than Yasmine, I tell ya.

Your big dream is… For her to be the smartest, cutest and happiest little kid. 

What’s the story your baby should not hear when he/she is a teenager? Probably the one of me trying to steal a pair of earrings and immediately getting caught when I was a teenager myself.

What advice do you wish to pass on? ‘Don’t just date any guy’. She should wait for the right one who treats her like the little princess she is. She should have all the guys in line, chasing her, without any luck.

Do you have rituals, like before going to bed? We have our daily disco routine during which I connect my iPhone to our living room speakers, put One Dance by Drake on repeat and we just go crrrazy.

What products do you use: skincare, shampoo, etc? We use many Weleda bath products. Besides that, Yasmine uses a lot of my beauty stuff. For instance, when I put on my perfume, Yasmine always gets a puff or two too. I let her pick her favorite fragrance bottle from my shelf every time. She wears my L’Oréal nail polish, she puts on my MUA velvet lip colors and ‘shapes’ her face with my Maybelline Nude palette, like a pro! For her hair I use the same Moroccanoil and Toni & Guy serum as I do for my own hair.

What do you absolutely avoid? Too much chocolate. She’ll keep us up all night.

What does the internet mean to your family? It’s a big part of my work and I’m a big online shopper (for Yasmine as well as for myself) so it’s everything.

What’s the best of Amsterdam? Or the city you live in? It’s vibrant. New shops, restaurants and festivals are opening every single week. Never a dull moment.

Any advise for parents starting up their own businesses? One step at a time.

Website www.tessted.com