Places to go: Edinburgh

Places to go: Edinburgh

Gray Label is part of Bon Tot’s collection, the children boutique of Kristina and Graham Currie, located in one of the most independent boutique streets of Edinburgh.

We’ve asked these two happy habitants: why should one (besides to find Gray Label there) visit this city?

(Kristina Currie)

(Bon Tot shop, 28 St Stephen St)

“Edinburgh is a compact, family friendly city that you can cross by foot in an hour. However, within that hour’s walk, you’ll find the vibrancy and life of a much denser metropolis. With a rich history and thriving cultural scene, Edinburgh appeals to a wide range of age groups. 4 Universities and 2 art colleges keep the many cafes, bars, music halls and galleries bustling and busy until the small hours of the morning, while the 7 hills and many parks and gardens that snake through the city mean there are plenty places to meander, walk and play.

Add in a medieval castle perched right in the middle of it all, and there’s a lot to talk about! Most of all, it’s perfect for kids!” (Kristina & Graham, May 2016)

Places to Eat


The Roamin Nose

Lovecrumbs Cafe

Places to Shop:

Bon Tot!

Golden Hare Books

Curiouser and Curiouser

Kakao by K

Places to Visit:

Kristina: “Edinburgh is a World Heritage Site, so to be honest, just wandering the streets is enough for most people.

(Edinburgh Alleyways)

However, if you need to duck inside to avoid the rain (you might have heard that it rains here occasionally?) or you want a day trip away, then there are lots of options:”

National Museum of Scotland

The Royal Mile

Local Beaches

Jupiter Artland

Edinburgh Castle! Wait.. did we tell you there’s a huge castle right in the middle of the city!?”

Places to Relax:

“There are loads of parks, loads of great coffee shops, LOADS of pubs and places to sit. You’ll be spoiled for choice, but one of our favourite things to do is climb up Arthur Seat, the huge hill in the centre of the city, and look out over the city, or across the water, north towards the Highlands.

(Edinburgh from Arthur Seat)

If you don’t want to climb that high, then Calton Hill is a shorter climb, with an equally impressive view of the City, and some pretty cool old ruins to clamber and play on.

After all of this, you’ll definitely have earned a drink! There are too many pubs to name, so why not just pop in to Bon Tot on your visit and we’ll take you for a whisky!”