Meet the MOOKS

Meet the MOOKS

Meet the Mooks from U.S. based Kimberly a.k.a. 'When Skies are Grey"
Kimberly has a shop on called "I Love Grey Skies" where she sells these handcrafts. They are a little quirky and obscure, yet sooo fascinating!!
The materials Kimberly uses are wood, paper mache, acrylic paint, polymer clay and felt.
You can see them all as little personalities, like below Mister Mook and his favorite lady, Mrs. Mook.
Mrs. Mook wears a felt mink stole while the Mister dons a handsome grey bow-tie.

Kimberly also writes on her blog, about life, inspiration and work.

Mook with bear mask

Mook Love, featuring a wolf and bear

Mook with shark mask