This is Maison Deux: a new premium home & living brand for kids and their parents; aiming to create a contemporary home where minimalism meets fun. 

Maison Deux Staged

They created a new generation of rocking horses: The Iconic Rockers. Meet the Iconic Cloud, the Iconic Bowler Hat and the Iconic Water Melon and take the (joy)ride.

Maison Deux Water Melon

Maison Deux Hat

Maison Deux Cloud

All the Iconic Rockers are crafted in the Netherlands and made from high quality, natural materials. The contrast of solid French oak and fabric made from 100% wool by Kvadrat amplifies the Iconics. Rocking the Iconics emphasizes your child’s coordination and balance skills. It’s also the foundation for imaginative play. “Who said that a rocking horse has to be an actual horse?” - says Pia, creative director Maison Deux.

Maison Deux Directors and Creators

The Iconic Rockers now available online at and selected retailers worldwide from €479.

But that’s not all they offer. There are also alphabetic woodies, Newborn sets and little pins to upgrade the little one’s outfits. We love the simplistic approach and clean lines.

Available via and also at our neighbors from the Archive Store. Pictures from Maison Deux