Schoolyard jungle

Schoolyard jungle

Gray Label talks with two moms Stella (left on the picture), owner of Casa Gitane and Mandy (right on the picture), owner of Ganbaroo PR PR at the schoolyard. Uma and Loui just started their first school year. Being a mom at the fence might be very interesting sometimes.

School Yard Jungle

(Uma – left & Loui – right, both in Gray Label)

How did you prep the kids for the first time to school transition?

Mandy: I talked a lot with him about it, walked by school several times. He was totally ready for this transition and Uma had already started which helped a lot. Stella: We passed the new school every morning when going to day care so we looked into the classes to make her more comfortable. And getting her own lunch box helped as well..

School Yard Jungle

What’s a secret mom tool that you keep in your purse for when things get difficult at school? Or opposite this, very good?

Mandy: I always have a treat with me when I pick him up.
Stella: She knows we are always close. Up till today she loves school...

School Yard Jungle

What do you do with the kids after school?

Mandy: Twice a week a lovely girl picks Loui up and goes home with him, one day his auntie and Steven and I take both one afternoon.
Stella: Uma goes to after school care 3 days a week together with other kids from the class and other days we stay at home and play.

How do you cope with letting go your little one?

Mandy: Not, haha. No it’s getting better and better everyday. I notice that my son grows more and more in its development which makes it easier to let him loose in certain areas. Also, I have great confidence in the school so I feel good with him leaving.
Stella: First day at school was more difficult for me as her Mummy than it was for her. I see her happy so that gives me comfort to letting her go,, step by step.

What scares you for the school years to come?

Mandy: I’m not really scared, I only hope he will be as happy, open minded & innocent as he can be during the coming years. 
Stella: I don’t see any fears. Just hope she will continue to feel strong and happy at school.

What are you looking forward to?

Mandy: Everything what has to come. I count my blessings and I’m very grateful for being his mom.
Stella: Every day is a new adventure with these little people. She makes me smile every day.