Home stories with Tessa

Home stories with Tessa

Please introduce yourself and your family members?

My name is Tessa van de Laar. I live together with the love of my life, Richard. Our house is located in a little town north of Amsterdam, called Monnickendam. We originally met, and fell in love at the office as colleagues... We still love sharing stories about business, fashion in particular, as this lies in our hearts. I’m mother to Josephine and bonus-mom to Faas. Josephine is a 3,5 years old little bundle of joy. She’s often included in the Gray label campaigns :). Faas, a teenager already, is the best son I could wish for. They go along so well, and it’s great seeing them grow up together. 

Gray Label Tessa Home Stories

How did you end up in fashion?

I was literally born into fashion. From a very young age I helped my father in his fashion boutiques. And loved every part of it. I’m a true entrepreneur and thrive best when being able to further expand a business and brand. 

What’s your role at Gray Label?

I am the sales director for wholesale and retail. My main ambition in this role is to bring Gray Label’s wholesale and retail to the next level. Together with my team, I’m building a solid distribution network in which Gray Label shines. Always aiming for long term partnerships with partners that truly match with Gray Label’s vision.

Gray Label Home Stories Tessa

Where’s your office located and what’s the neighborhood like?

Gray Label’s Headquarters is located in a lovely district in the west part of Amsterdam. Our street feels cozy with lots of trees and little restaurants. It’s also recognized as the ‘Birth street’ with a famous midwifery practice. I couldn't think of a better location to be situated.

Gray Label Tessa Home Stories

How do you start your day?

Each morning I start my day with a Latte at my favorite Coffee place, situated around the corner of our Office. I need some time to catch my breath, after the morning routine of bringing Josephine to daycare and hassling my way true the busy public transport heading to the office.

Gray Label in one or a few words?

Timeless, Comfortable, Durable, Pure. 

Gray Label Home Stories Tessa

What are you most proud of?

Next to being a mother of Josephine, I’m most proud of our pilot store in the nine streets of Amsterdam. We hear stories from customers traveling straight from the airport to our store, to buy clothes and gifts for their little ones. We mix Gray Label apparel with gifts and other cool things. It's the perfect way to experience the full Gray Label universe

Gray Label Tessa Home Stories

What’s your favorite Gray Label item and why?

To me, the most precious piece in the collection is the Newborn Suit, as this is the first piece of clothing a newborn baby will wear. It is the perfect gift and the cutest outfit for the first weeks of your babies new live.

Gray label Home stories Tessa

Favorite weekend activity with Josephine

I love dancing to music in the living room together with Jospehine. Her smile and energy lights my day. In the evening we finish our day with yoga. Practicing yoga with children is so much fun and it relaxes the body and mind before bedtime.  

Gray Label Tessa Home Stories