The Most Sustainable Gift options for this upcoming Holiday Season

The Most Sustainable Gift options for this upcoming Holiday Season

Explore the Most Sustainable Gift Options, from KNIT wear our Essentials, Nurture, and Accessories to Kallisto's Cuddly Toys and much more. 

As the holiday season approaches, it's the perfect time to shift our focus towards gifts that not only bring joy to children but also contribute to a healthier planet. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the most sustainable and eco-friendly options, ranging from cozy KNIT wear and cozy pyjamas to Kallisto's cuddly toys, ensuring a holiday season that is both heartwarming and environmentally conscious.

Cozy KNIT wear and Accessories for Little Ones. Warmth in Every Wrap:

There's something inherently charming about knitted clothing and accessories, especially when it comes to kids. Opting for KNITwear made from sustainable materials like 100% Marino Wool ensures not only warmth and comfort but also a reduced environmental footprint. Our merino wool does not itch, is super soft and is RWS certified. 

For a gift that keeps on giving, consider a Knitted Accesorry like a scarf, beanie, or mittens, also made from the same sustainable materials. These winter essentials, crafted with care for the environment, not only keep little ones warm but also add an extra layer of eco-consciousness to your holiday celebrations.

Check out our full KNIT collection for both baby and kids here and you might be wrapping your little ones in this coziness with a conscience.

Sustainable Sleepwear:

The holiday season is synonymous with chilly nights and bedtime stories. Gift your child cozy rib-knit pajamas made from a blend of organic cotton and recycled elastane. These sustainable sleepwear options not only provide a snug bedtime experience but also promote responsible consumption and production. Plus, they make for adorable bedtime photos, creating memories that last a lifetime this Holiday Season. Check out our full Undies and Pyjamas collection here

Kallisto's Cuddly Toys:

Kallisto's cuddly toys add a touch of magic to the holiday season. Made of 100% organic cotton, under controlled conditions, this charming companion offers a soft and tender touch to your baby's delicate skin. The stuffing inside is 100% corn cotton, GMO-free, which not only provides a fluffy and cuddly feel but also fulfills our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly choices. The hugs get softer as they get more hugs and are the perfect Holiday gift.

Gift your child an Eco-Friendly friend that brings joy, is the perfect natural cuddle & sleep buddy for your mini and kind to our Earth. Find them on our Gift page here

The Versatility of Gift Cards:

Gray Label Online Gift Card
If you're unsure about specific preferences, a sustainable and thoughtful option is to gift a digital gift card. To choose from our quality basics with a focus on sustainability, and to mix and match our designs from the softest organic cotton we can find. Check out our Digital Gift Card option here

Gray Label RNTD Gift Card - Our Flexible Rental Service 

We offer a rental service that allows you* to contribute to less waste, less costs, and less impact on the environment by paying to wear, instead of to own. By paying for usage instead of ownership, you substantially save costs. You will be provided with your favorite organic cotton items at a reduced price and only pay for the time you are actually using the item.

Our circular service relieves parents of purchasing clothes, keeping stock of outgrown items, or turning them into waste. We take responsibility for where your clothes end up. Clothes in good condition are passed on to new families. Clothes we can no longer reuse are recycled. It's time to make a difference together. 

*Gray Label RNTD is available in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Belgium.

Check out our RNTD Gift Card option here
or if you want to start your own rental subscription, please visit the RNTD site or check out how it works here

Explore Our Gift Collection for Baby, Kids, and Adults:

For even more sustainable and stylish options, check out our curated gift collection for baby, kids, and adults here. Discover a range of thoughtfully crafted items that make perfect gifts for your loved ones while supporting a more sustainable lifestyle.

This holiday season, let's celebrate not just the joy of giving but also the joy of being sustainable. From KNIT- or our Essential wear, Nurture, and Accessories to Kallisto's cuddly toys, there's a wealth of eco-friendly options that make for memorable and responsible gifts. By choosing products that prioritize the well-being of the planet, we not only create cherished moments for our children but also contribute to a brighter and greener future for generations to come.

Happy Holiday Season!