A Friend for Cotton

A Friend for Cotton

We’re going ahead. Here’s our book to teach children in a playful way how clothing is made and what it means to give it a new life after use.


Today, we’re releasing our first minimalistic picture book for children from three years old. We have been working on it for a year, and its launch was planned for a long time. After doubting whether it's appropriate to present something new in the current difficult and confusing time, we have decided to continue and present it either way. This is mainly because it’s a story about friendship and sustainability, learning how clothing is made and what it means to give it new life after use. Our wish is to entertain children, while making them more aware of how to treat each other, the world and the things they have. We believe that especially in these times, it might be useful to offer something meaningful.

A Friend For Cotton


It all started with the wish of Emily to make children aware of sustainability. Together with co-worker Marijke Vos, she came up with the idea of a story that was told from the clothing piece itself. With this in mind, the character Cotton was born. Who could not love and value this lonely little cotton boll, looking for a lifetime friend?

“Children often don’t know that a T-shirt or pants takes a long journey before it reaches the closet. With the adventures of Cotton, we want to show that journey and that it is good to cherish and reuse things.” - Emily Gray.


Cotton would love someone to talk and play with, but there are no cotton bolls in the field that want to be his friend. Then he goes on an exciting journey and becomes a real T-shirt. Unfortunately, his human friends keep outgrowing him and abandon him. Will he ever find a best friend that will love him forever?


The character Cotton and his adventures could not have been developed, written and illustrated this beautifully without the amazing The Dreamchaser Studios. Together with them, Emily and Marijke formed a creative team that shares a love for conscious living and minimalistic, pure products for children.

“When Emily approached me for this grateful project, I didn't have to think about it for a second. Friendship and sustainability are both themes that are very important to us as a studio.” – Lucy Woesthoff.

A Friend For Cotton Covers

The book is published by Uitgeverij Volt and is available in regular (online) bookstores, the Gray Label store and online via Gray-label.com.

Languages: Dutch, German and English Retail price: € 14.99 Format: 21,5 x 21,5 cm, 48 pages Printed on sustainable and ecological paper.

Entertain your kids while trying to nurture and educate them.

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