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What about

Once in a while we have a little chat with someone (or some more) with a special job, an inspiring life, a remarkable character or an out of the box vision.

This time we spoke with Lucy Woesthoff, parent of Dean, Jimi, Che & Leia


What about her?
Name: Lucy Woesthoff Age: 37 Child: Dean (13), Jimi (9), Che (6) & Leia (4 months) Business: Owner @ Dromenjager & Dromenjager Agency

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Photo credits to our lovely baby sitter Linda Coonen


So, Lucy. Can you tell us a bit more about what you do? Sounds interesting…a Dream hunting Agency….

The Agency is a new company, which we have just launched, after being inspired by the work we do with our first business Dromenjager (Dreamchaser). Dromenjager is the media company behind the popular Dutch children’s characters Woezel & Pip. The characters were created over 13 years ago and since then we have developed them into a very successful brand with a range of books, toys, care products, a television series and even a responsible food line to be launched in 2017. We have learnt so much about building characters and storytelling that we decided to share our experience and network with other brand owners who are looking for a trusted, creative partner and so the agency was born!

How did you get there? Did you ever think, as a young girl, this would be your path?

Not at all! My dream as a young girl was to work in the music industry and I am very grateful that I was able to have such a wonderful career in music in my early twenties. I was a publicist for amazing artists such as The Rolling Stones and it is through my music career that I met my husband. Now nearly 13 years later, he is my partner in life and in business. We run all of the Dromenjager companies together.

How do you know how to reach children and to keep their attention?

It can be difficult during the week when everyone is busy with school, work and football, to find time to connect with each other properly. That’s why I think it is so important to have some quality conversation time every day, especially now that our oldest is a teenager! Mealtime is a great opportunity for engaging each other, without a phone or ipad to interrupt or distract anyone. Sometimes it takes work to get a good conversation going, but I try to get them involved in current affairs. We have had some hilarious conversations recently about Donald Trump!

What advice do you wish to pass on?

Be useful, be kind and be yourself.

What’s your best parenting moment?

I love it when I see my children feeling totally comfortable expressing themselves through dance or music. We have an original Wurlitzer jukebox in our kitchen and they love choosing a record and putting on a performance. In that moment they are truly themselves, happy and free, and then I know that we are doing a good job.

And your worst?

I guess one of the occasions when I lose my cool and end up shouting to make myself heard. Three boys can sometimes be a handful, believe me! I think the key is always to explain and say sorry if needs be. It is good for them to see that Mamas are only human and sometimes make mistakes too, which is in itself a good lesson for everyone I think. :)

What / who brings the fun?

In our house? Hmm? Well everyone has their moments! Our house is one big chaotic ball of love and laughter. Sometimes we make them laugh and sometimes they make us laugh. Having a houseful of men does mean that I have to put up with a lot of fart jokes though. Thankfully I have some female back up now!

Your daughter/son is…

Dean: …going through his teenage years relatively smoothly and thankfully still with a lovely smile Jimi:…the creative rebel Che: ….the performer & connector Leia:….the little smiling bundle of love

Your big dream is…
To sail around the world with the family.
Do you have rituals, like before going to bed?

I’m often home quite late, so our rituals are a sometimes little shorter than I would like. But I always make time for snuggles and a chat about their day. For Leia, I love to sing her to sleep. This is definitely one of the highlights of my day!

Any advise for parents starting up their own businesses?

My advice would be to try and see your business as an adventure. Being your own boss, can be tough, but it also gives lots of flexibility and it is a real learning experience, so try to enjoy it as much as you can. There will be ups and downs, and you will sometimes miss your kids, but remember to follow your dreams and keep your eye on the prize! I am working hard for my own sense of being, but ultimately I am doing it for my kids and their future.

What About / Gray Label Photo credits to our lovely baby sitter Linda Coonen