Curated By: Ekaterina Galera

Curated By: Ekaterina Galera

Meet Ekaterina, owner and designer of the brand Ekaterina Galera.

Gray Label likes child & planet friendly products that are created from the heart. Therefore we invite other brands with similar values to join the Gray Label Universe. Whether made from raw -or natural materials, whether locally produced or with an extraordinary vision of any kind: these specially curated products bring something for the good. We proudly present the beautiful products from Ekaterina Galera.


Please tell us a bit about yourself.

“I'm Ekaterina Galera, designer, I live and work in Toulouse, France. By origin I am Russian and I love everything about the cozy winter home, the warmth and its maintenance. I also adore the light and have always been attracted to this topic.

Can you picture how you work?

I like to experiment with materials, to watch how the light passes through them and what results we get. The most beautiful thing is obtained with materials of natural origin. So natural wool has become one of my main source for work. That is how white fluffy soft matter spreads light just magic. You can look at it endlessly.

I especially like to create a lights for kids' interiors. To make small bedrooms more comfortable, to let children use night lamps for a long time without the risk of overheating (all my lamps are battery powered), to attach soft cozy lamps everywhere, near the bed, to hid in a playhouse, hang on the doorknob...

There are so many opportunities to use my mobile lamps in the nursery and kids room, and this gives me endless inspiration to create.

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

One of my favourite lamps is Lighting Cloud. I know that there is one family who, who travel a lot with a child, always takes this lamp with them in their suitcase. It is like a mobile piece of the house, which can be attached anywhere and give to the kid a feeling of comfort, peace and security.”

Cloud Lamp

The lamps are available in our webshop and store in Amsterdam.